where can i find your prices?

You can navigate to the ‘pricing’ section of the website, or you can email me! Generally speaking, family portraits start at £50, and weddings start at £250. I don’t take a one-size fits all approach with photography though, and I’m conscious of budget constraints especially for weddings. I’m always willing to work out a deal so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a more personalized quote.

What’s my photography style?

I take a very relaxed, documentary (or reportage) approach to all photo sessions. When things are too posed, or too forced, it always comes across in photos. Instead, I try to capture moments as they happen, without becoming a part of the scene by directing groups or staging shots.

What kind of camera equipment do i use?

This is a common question, but not entirely important (in my opinion). If you find a photographer that you like, do you really care if they use a £500 or a £5000 camera? However, you should make sure that regardless of the gear they use, they should have backups of everything, in case something were to go wrong. I shoot with two camera bodies, many lenses (both prime & zoom), and have backups of batteries, lights, memory cards… pretty much everything. And if you really want to know, and you’ve read this far: I use a Canon 5D MK IV ;-)

Do you do destination weddings?

Absolutely! I’m based in the U.K., but offer coverage in France, and throughout Europe. Getting married in the U.S.? I can help with that too! Get in touch for a custom package - my rates will always be totally inclusive of all costs, with no hidden charges like hotel, food, or anything else. One fee will cover everything! Everything in your invoice will be clear and straightforward.

How can I book?

Just fill in my quick contact form to check my availability (I usually respond within the hour) for your date. Then, we can either meet in person or have a quick phone call to discuss your ‘dream wedding photography.’ If we are a fit, then you just need to pay a deposit of £100 to reserve your date, with the balance due 30 days before your event. I accept bank transfers and all major credit cards, and everything is done using a secure payment system.


Can i have a second shooter?

Totally! Second shooters are great ideas and whenever possible, you should try to have one. I usually work with up-and-coming photographers, to help them build their portfolios.

can we do engagement photos?

Absolutely and I recommend this to all couples. Most people aren’t used to having their pictures taken all day, and it can be a bit awkward in the beginning. Engagement photos are a great way to get used to being in front of the camera, to seeing which angles you like (or don’t like), and to get a sneak peak at your photographer’s style. An engagement session is included in my top wedding packages, and a small supplement for the other packages.

am i insured?

Yes, for both public and professional liability. You should always ask to see your photographer’s proof of insurance before booking!

how often in advance should I book?

Once you find a photographer you like, I would say asap! But don’t ever hesitate to reach out - you never know, I might be available the day you need!

What if I’m not photogenic?

Nonsense! So many people don’t think they look good in pictures, and having photographed a lot of people, I can guarantee that it’s just not the case - all y’all are beautiful ❤️. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to make you look amazing - trust your photographer, it’s literally their job to make you look good in photos! As for why you don’t like pictures of yourself: here’s the science behind it - it’s not just you.

will i receive a contract?

Of course! You will have three documents all together: a pre-booking form (where you provide all the details about your wedding like location, date, times, contact details), the contract (which will outline things like when you will receive your photos), and the invoice (which includes the full details of the photography package you have ordered, the total cost, and payment schedule).